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Paint industry has nearly ten thousand manufacturers, the annual output of 5,000 tons of business less than 3%. That is, the concentration of the paint industry is very poor. The next few years, two, three urban development and TLC2652I8D construction will flourish, the paint industry is still strong development momentum will continue. However, coating the main market from a city transferred to the second and third tier cities. Estimated after the 2008 Olympic Games, two, three cities will have better development. As two, three residents of the city with the largest city in the overall income, spending habits, there are some differences, coupled with regional differences.

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Paint industry has many brands, there is almost no core values of the brand positioning, marketing strategy so often been tactical objectives deviate from the pursuit of core values. Some companies in advertising picture is very arbitrary, subject demands a new month, year after year change, this is not the core force of the enterprise to promote the brand out. Therefore, the paint companies in positioning the brand should be the theme remains the same to create the industry's core brands.