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In the regulation, the council on the construction materials and TLC2654AC8D decoration materials production, processing, wholesale and retail business operators conducted a complete inventory of an intensive, door-to establish a purchase accounting, the steel, aluminum, cement , tile, paint, etc. relate to the human health and safety of the home improvement materials into the regulatory focus. At the same time, strengthen the monitoring of product quality building materials, signs on the building material products, logos and appearance, and quality specifications are the same, whether the norms in areas such as inspection of the steel, cement, aluminum and other building materials for sampling the quality of goods.

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In the remediation process, the council of the business problems and TLC2654AC8D needs rectification site lists all the issues, according to a single rectification. Since the special rectification activities carried out since the council has organized 6 158 enterprises to focus grant bid for the production license, the applicant enterprises from 17 before the renovation to the current 175, the application rate of 87.5%, according to law, 25, suspend production for rectification 38. New on the production of the county more than 80 sets, 1600 sets of pieces of test equipment, 158 new labs, new construction, renovation plant 80,000 square meters.