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In recent years, with China's real estate development, so that the downstream industry chain has been in the home decoration industry began to form a huge consumer market. Rapid development in the home decoration industry, driven by the rapid rise and TLC2654C8D can speed up the wood industry into a professional business markets. After nearly a decade of rapid development, the size of the country of 1 million doors a number of manufacturing enterprises, mainly by mechanized production, wooden doors of a certain size there are more than 3,000 enterprises in the country gradually to the northeast provinces, the Bohai Sea, Beads Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Southwest, six production bases in Northwest China as the center, multi-regional co-development situation.

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Continuous rise in metal prices in recent years has caused many mergers and TLC2654C8D acquisitions boom. November 19 last year, the United States Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. announced to spend 25.9 billion, in the form of cash and stock acquisition of U.S. company Phelps Dodge to create the world's largest publicly traded copper company, will also be North America's largest metal and mining companies.