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Another way, another group of Broadway has recently started selling a new 7260, see not 7360, but mentioned above, the "stunning Allure," the 7260 (^__^), now offer HK $ 1588, situation previously is also a "classic return" the same as 6230. Although 7260 was once the rage of the popular mobile phone models, but at present this offer comprehensive, cost really is not high. 'll Leave it to those who have "Allure" complex loyal players now.

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Nikon S70 Highlights: 3.5-inch OLED touch screen, 12 million effective pixels, 28mm wide-angle sensitivity: ISO80/100/200/800/1600/3200/6400 Sensor: 1/2.3 inch CCD1200-megapixel video recording: 640 × 480,30 frames / sec Lens: 28-140mm 5x optical zoom optical image stabilization storage media: SD / SDHC card Screen: 3.5 inch, 288,000 pixel Click to view the latest offer over