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Industry analysts believe that foreign investment in Chinese real estate market in the current frequent activities are based on a number of reasons. Tightening of the monetary and TLP731 real estate control policies, many domestic real estate enterprises financing difficulties, the lack of funds in real estate business will be "olive branch" throw a lot of money in the foreign hand; the other hand, despite suffering the regulation of real estate "labor pains", but in the long run, China's real estate prospects remain good, but real estate is a typical industry profits, profit-driven nature of foreign capital makes the temptation of domestic real estate industry for foreign investment, the current real estate regulation also provides the so-called "hunters" the opportunity to lower the cost of access to investment opportunities.

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This year in April, the State Council "further improve the utilization of foreign investment on a number of opinions" issued, provides that "Industrial Catalog for Foreign Investment" in the total investment (including capital increase) $ 300,000,000 less encouraged and TLP731 permitted projects, in addition to the "Government Approved Catalogue of investment projects, "the provisions of the relevant departments to be approved by the State Council, the local government authorities for approval. Ministry of Commerce issued in June, "decentralization of foreign investment approval authority on issues related to notice," once again delegated the approval authority for further instructions.