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ASUS M51Q735VA-SL overall style stylish atmosphere, as the Asus M51 series of high-end models, M51Q735VA-SL is also equipped with a Centrino 2 platform, with P7350 processor, ATIMobilityRadeonHD3650 graphics card, 1G of large memory, whether large or high-definition game Absolute is absolutely like a duck, its capability, also equipped with face recognition and TMS320C6201GJC200 camera, and now this laptop straight down from the 7,199 yuan 6,400 yuan, a friend might like to see.

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PUMA platform has been very mysterious gradually lifted its veil of mystery: to maximize performance, unparalleled advantages and TMS320C6201GJC200 cheaper prices. PUMA platform as a rising star Aspire5530G-802G32Mi Acer has a powerful performance, the listed price is only 5999 yuan, like the high cost of the friends of concern. Acer TravelMate series is more business for the series, focused on 12-inch, 14 inch and 15-inch books. With the increasingly blurred boundaries of business and entertainment, this 5530G dual graphics mode: significant independence and integration with ATIMobilityRadeonHD3470 HD3200 integrated graphics, cost is very high, may wish to refer to the concern of friends, if not satisfied on the portability, you can refer Acer TravelMate series of other 12-inch and 14 inch models.