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After the first week of August were down 25%, the second week of a decline of 40%, the Beijing city last week, a rebound in new housing turnover, up 27% of the chain, there has been August since the first volume picked up, new products sets of up to 991 residential units. Data from Shanghai, although the prices did not fall down, but turnover in Shanghai has become gradually warmer indisputable fact, August 9 -8 15, turnover of Shanghai new house 172,000 square meters area, the chain 26% the previous week.

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World Union Properties relevant responsible person said, "By 2007, '9 * 27 'New Deal after the analysis of market conditions, most of the city showed the following characteristics: strong price - the amount for the first time bottoming out - prices - volume II times bottoming out - the price hit bottom. "residential turnover through" bottom two "process, the property market has also experienced two price bottomed out after the real down to bits. This is true, the World Union Properties believes that the recent property market in Beijing, Shanghai and TOP200YN Hangzhou and other transactions to pick up, probably just means that the current round of real estate regulation, "the first hit bottom" to complete, given the price has not really loose, this trend may rebound not for long.