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In fact, the current digital camera market positioning according to the classification of products far more than the above two categories, but for those who like macro or telephoto or wide-angle and TPS2819DBVR other friends, the market there are many appropriate product, and we buy digital camera should first determine what aspect of your preferred application to start symptomatic. Thus, for ordinary consumers, the purchase of DC before the practical application of understanding of their needs is very important, when aware of their actual needs and then to understand the corresponding products, this way, do know ourselves, can only know yourself. Of course, before you buy or sell digital cameras, digital cameras, there have been any problems, you can go to our forum to ask questions, we will answer accordingly. Survey prize: digital camera consumer (active only in Chongqing) 1, you would like to use Web Albums to store their digital photos? Like it or not 2, you would like to use online printing it? Like it or not 3, image bank (www.fotobank.cn) of storage, sharing, printing three functions, a feature which most appeal to you: 4 storage share print, your e-mail address: (winning the notification) for each Week Awards: reader participation [DC Week On the] prize investigation, that is, to have access to image banks to provide value from the 5 yuan digital photo printing coupons. Activities are limited to Chongqing, one winner selected per week, lottery results in the next Friday [DC weekly talk] part in the announcement. Last week the winner E-mail: resailingstar@126.com image banks to pass on your joy! By the Chongqing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Quan is still operating, the China Netcom Broadband Network Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch to provide technical platform for the image bank (www.fotobank.cn) is an Internet-based digital imaging services to provide integrated video, professional website. Image Bank including online photo albums, photo storage, photo sharing, online printing, photo gifts, photo art of digital image processing, and other service functions. Stored image banks provide you with digital image storage capabilities, you can now get 100MB free registration Zhixu large free high-speed space. Share Image Bank to provide you with digital pictures to share, you can EMAIL or by phone MMS for free anytime, anywhere to share their albums with friends. All print images can be cash on delivery bank printing franchise mode, and the use of advanced printing equipment and photo quality Kodak Royal paper guarantee.

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Shanghai reported】 【IT.com.cn MM amazing fashion they must not miss this fashion-hyun color as a selling point of the T707, gesture control, TrackID music recognition, bringing the classic rope-style mobile experience, the most attractive incoming light pulse communication tips can set the exclusive property of people of color, your mind is what color did she? Recently, the European Cool Network (www.ouku.com) gives the latest low-cost 1139 yuan, the temptation of MM can be described as extraordinary, not rush to see.