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For decoration, indoor air pollution, in addition to passive "defense" does not seem other than positive and TPS330518DGN effective way, this situation not only in Harbin, in other cities are also common. Some years ago, countries have introduced, including a number of indoor air quality standards, laws and regulations to address indoor air pollution. Operational difference between these regulations, consumers are aware of the situation of indoor air pollution, and very few ways in accordance with the simplified procedures to safeguard their own interests, to the court proceedings has become almost the only way. However, the high costs of legal proceedings and to discourage most consumers. According to Heilongjiang Province Quality Supervision, Inspection and Technical Supervision of Lin Zhuren introduced, many consumers in the face of indoor air pollution problems have no practical approach. Inspection applications often encountered in the indoor environment testing at their own expense of consumers, and then took the test report to the decoration company "seek explanation", but the results are basically failed. The reason is that although the home improvement of air quality standards promulgated a long time, but the lack of specific regulations and means of operation, can not be fully implemented and implemented. Quality inspection departments in addition to air quality reports issued to the consumers other than no other way. {HotTag}

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First, the material must be guaranteed. New home decoration section 7 of the contract provides that: (1) Party A shall provide the materials, equipment, materials and TPS330518DGN equipment to the party in the notice to Party B prior to the construction site. The two sides of material, equipment quality, environmental standards for common acceptance and handover procedures. (2) Party B shall provide the materials, equipment, B in the materials and equipment to the construction site notice Party. The two sides of material, equipment quality, environmental standards, a common acceptance, the record is recognized by the Party; (3) provide both construction and decoration materials must comply with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the ten "interior decoration limit of harmful substances" standards, and quality control department for approval with a qualified professional testing testing testing departments to provide qualified reports.