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After the renovation of indoor air quality standards included in the contract binding on the decoration company played the role of decoration, but the user should look for technical supervision departments have decoration Association finds that the size, reputation and TPS60403DBVT good quality decoration company. In this way, we can uphold the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and health, but also to those who do not regulate the decoration company removed from the renovation market. Lin Zhuren reminded that, although the technician to join the air content of the newly renovated standard contracts, in large part to ensure that the consumers from the threat of air pollution, home improvement, but its role is limited after all, because the jurisdiction of the contract can not be a lot of informal The home improvement company, or decoration "guerrillas." Many people for the sake of cheap, often quoted in the decoration very low when hiring home improvement business, and even non-formal employment street decoration "guerrillas." This home improvement team even with the signing of the contract, when something goes wrong is also very likely not find these people. In addition, the very low offer in return is certainly inferior materials, heavy pollution. So consumers should engage in the business sector and associations registered in the decoration qualified home improvement company, in order to effectively use the contracts and other legal weapons to protect themselves. Lin Zhuren also reminded everyone that after the renovation must be requested and technology supervision department authorized testing organization for indoor air testing. Problems can be found to the technical supervision departments, the business sector, associations and other relevant administrative departments decoration seek help. Decorative material for quality inspection departments, quality, indoor air quality to provide detection, real safeguard legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and really for the people to do practical things.

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Third, a single measure. Wang Jue Lin said policy control should be carried out from two aspects, one is strictly enforced policies; second is to increase the supply of housing. "Policies introduced strict as Beijing it? Really strict. Implement please? Good. But the price and TPS60403DBVT sales above the market reaction is not very satisfactory reason is that housing supply is not enough." Lin said Wang Jue therefore can not just focus on one, to increase housing supply is also very important aspects. "If the market is not a house, then re-strict regulations are useless."