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Since the formation of Hu Yaobang Group, after ten years of hard work ahead, in the fierce market competition, choice, the most robust, pragmatic belief in the rapid development of the industry. Now, in the Group Chairman Mr. Luo Jinyao under the leadership of Hu Yaobang, with its solid strength, scientific system of marketing management, and TPS61061DRBR finally became the three Kingdoms of the furniture world aircraft carrier Enterprise, deserved to lead the Chinese furniture brands, marketing products throughout the country. Who experienced trials and hardships of Hu Yaobang and nose to the grindstone and complacency, to continue its unyielding entrepreneurial spirit won the "green products", "AAA grade credit quality of service in China Enterprise", "furniture CQC certification", "Top 50 Private Dongguan enterprise "and other awards, the pride of a national brand.

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Hu Yaobang Furniture Group has more than 300 cities in the country brand stores, is the handful of the various channels of CCTV put in furniture advertising business, the Group has Choosee, Jane Wyatt, elements of life, source of a classic era of Henley, home beauty home, Ruili family, Europe dream Levin, the top ten U.S. bridges furniture brands, products work fine, concise and TPS61061DRBR lively style, not only implies, the essence of Western culture, but also emphasized the people-oriented design, well received by consumers .