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T707 uses a 300 million pixel camera does not support auto focus, flash is also not equipped with the basic functional enough to cope with daily living needs. T707 also built“ Media” function, your photos, videos, music and TPS7101QP games together, but with no built-in gravity sensor, so the switch can only be manually set to portrait, horizontal, the music feature also supports adjusting the equalizer and surround sound, MegaBass sound is also available. The T707 is also equipped with a gesture control feature, hands waving back and forth at the top of the can immediately achieve a quiet, or very practical. Data transmission, T707 fuselage built around 100MB of storage space, can be extended through the M2 card and supports hot plug, while Bluetooth, USB mass storage mode is supported.

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As with the Z770 like the main female market models, Sony Ericsson T707 is very attractive, although not the hardware configuration, but could be considered mainstream enough, the mirror into a beautiful rainbow lights, motion control, coupled with the WCDMA standard Unicom 3G network support for female friend is still quite tempting. Recently, the European Cool Network (www.ouku.com) gives the latest low-cost 1139 yuan, the temptation of MM can be described as extraordinary, like a friend might have a look.