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Background: LaserJet1010 following the creation of a domestic black and TPS71025D white LaserJet 6L first million sales in the history of the miracle, the HP into the small and medium enterprises, SOHO, such as laser printing market, another masterpiece. In recent news there, LaserJet1010 history of successful implementation of the HP LaserJet third millions of sales, product performance beyond doubt. Recently, HP's latest black and white laser printer LaserJet1020 other models available, the limelight will surely overshadowed LaserJet1010, but in the past six months, the latter is still one of the most popular black and white laser printer. Introduction: HPLaserjet1010 print resolution of 600dpi × 600dpi seem low, the maximum print speed is only 12ppm, but the application of the products HP's Resolution Enhancement technology so that it has been greatly improved print quality, can be a very good text output effect. In addition HPLaserjet1010 (Enterprise Edition) provides a three-year warranty provided, although more expensive than HPLaserjet1010 (Personal Edition) expensive, but for business use provided considerable protection. Epson EPL-6200L Price: 1,250 yuan

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Background: All along, the speed is a major bottleneck in printing technology. In recent years, low-end products has been a black and TPS71025D white laser printer market, the mainstream models, but the low-end consumer has become a relatively low speed by the difficult problem. Performance has been outstanding in the high-end Epson laser printer, introduced in late 2003 EPL-6200L, the concept is broken, sometimes the most watched on the market one of the black and white laser printer products. Because of its many advantages, until today, Epson EPL-6200L is still one of the more popular products. Introduction: EPL-6200L biggest advantage is its speed, the use of advanced flyingstart technology (ie transfer the play), you can transfer data at the same time to start printing, so its up to the speed of 20ppm. In addition, the efficiency of auxiliary functions, using the host print technology, a built-in print 2MB of memory, the page printing time of less than 13 seconds. The four are printing, watermark printing, and other special functions that further savings for the user to print the relevant post-operation. In addition, there is little need to mention is that it's separate toner cartridge design, this design is conducive to cost control and printing supplies replacement. Samsung ML-1710 Price: 1300 yuan