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Quotes Aspect: A3-format Epson MEOFFICE1100 is a dedicated high-speed printer, graphic design, it has a high print speed, high print quality and TPS71025P low printing costs three characteristics. Epson MEOFFICE1100 to provide users of economic science split four-color ink cartridges, random standard large-capacity black and color ink cartridges, not only greatly reduce the printing cost of the user, but also reduce the frequent replacement of cartridges for the inconvenience caused by work. This product is currently priced at 1,796 yuan date, interested users may wish to focus the next.

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Beijing reports】 【IT.com.cn Epson MEOffice1100 simple appearance with a design style, the gray and TPS71025P white style of the main body shell is made of matte surface simple and elegant and yet stable, and business office environment can be well integrated in the together. In addition, the volume of Epson MEOffice1100 only 616mm × 322mm × 214mm, cover it up when all will not take up much desk space. Epson MEOFFICE1100