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Installation of low-quality plastic films used in the performance is not stable enough, the quality is not good, so when the torn lining of poor quality film, it will emit a very pungent odor, and TPS71219DRCT Johnson (Johnson) car film basically no smell, the United States Johnson (Johnson) after the start of membrane is torn, or even have a hint of fragrance.

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According to information provided by Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, as early as 2001, to address the housing difficulties of low-income families, the Beijing Municipal Government issued the "Beijing urban low-rent housing management pilot scheme," defined in the urban and TPS71219DRCT suburban eight districts, the per capita housing area of less than 7.5 square meters of subsistence allowances and the special care and family into low-rent housing predicament {HotTag} range. 4 years, a total of 1.5 million homes in Beijing to enjoy a low-rent housing policy.