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According to the German general manager of Koelnmesse China Co., Ltd. Pingxiang Jun introduction, the International Furniture Fair in Cologne, the range of products "can include all aspects of furniture design." The opening of a new exhibition hall, the exhibition clearly oriented, compact structure. Hall 1 called "base", showcasing the products in Asia and TPS7248QD Eastern Europe; 2,3,4.2 and 10.1 Hall to "original" name, show the natural wood bedroom furniture and living room; 4.1 Hall called "could take / support ", exhibits for the tables and chairs, dining furniture and products supporting it; named" comfortable "and 10.2 5,6,10.1 Hall cushion and cushion products on display. Hall 7 and Hall 8, known as "sensitive", the main display can carry and self-assembly products; 9, Hall called "sleep", the name suggests, mattresses and bed systems exhibit, bed, water bed, products, bed sheets and bed accessories; 11 Pavilion furniture design, home decorations, textiles, various forums and publishing are also held in this hall.

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A: First, as employees in the furniture industry, I am particularly grateful to our extensive media attention, is the development of furniture industry ups and TPS7248QD downs than a decade now, the furniture industry has come up. 2000 Ronglin Shi Jia as an industry, small businesses, the development has now been 5 years, July 22, 2000 Ronglin Shi Jia's first store opened in the Great Bell Temple Square, home, an area of only 100 square meters, the product Only a single sofa. So, by nearly six months of development, we find that the furniture industry is a very developed industry, plenty of room for maneuverability is strong, the market demand sufficient to support the development of many enterprises. As consumers, consumption patterns at the time was not enough reason, we used to do six months of market research {TodayHot}, 2001 we have the scale, there are plans to focus on sales of furniture industries. Was chosen very good furniture sales. It comes to development, Ronglin Shi Jia is not a production-oriented enterprises, but a flow-oriented enterprises. Distribution companies as the most important thing is to find the most suitable for the development of local brands. We were locked out of several well-known brands, such as the Temple of Heaven, Galore has a co-operation. And has been recognized by the market, Ronglin Shi Jia has been developing rapidly. But these are not red halo of our minds, we have a very solid plan the various shopping malls in Beijing, the establishment of sales terminals, the main network, and gave a more rigorous program, the more mature established sales outlets. For our enterprise itself was not enough in terms of influence, you need to attach some of the large home stores, play their own brand. But also created a panel furniture sales was more than the first. In 2005 we faced a challenge, because the furniture market is changing, customer needs are changing, so in 2005 we have increased individual consumption of enterprise level products, including some in the international arena is relatively well-known brands, to do certain groups for the domestic consumer brands. Ronglin Shi Jia and strive to make all aspects of products to meet the needs of the consumer population.