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Fuji F Series is currently used as the only remaining of several older models, F810 in terms of performance does have its own unique. F710 Fuji F810 is an upgraded version of the continuation of the long-shape bar stylish silver design, with 1/1.7 inch SuperCCDHR, 6.3 million effective pixels (can be interpolated to 12.3 million pixels), high-performance Fujinon 4x optical zoom lens, equivalent to 135, the camera focal length 32.5mm-130mm, both wide-angle telescope or the beautiful visuals are available. The ISO sensitivity range from 80 to 800, while its response speed is not bad, just 1.2 seconds startup time, the screen interval of 1.0 seconds, while shutter lag is only 0.05 seconds. F810's rear equipped with a 2.1 inches of TFTLCD, the effective pixel was 17.3 million, will support 16:9 widescreen display.

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All models in the existing Fuji, F810 features a performance comparison is the after, which sells for up to 3,870 yuan, with its performance, so the price is not surprising that no one is interested, many dealers even this model will be the withdrawal of the counter, the reason is very simple, one month can be sold for a miracle friends. Indeed, the current 3,500 yuan can choose too many models, the number of random numbers, like the Sony W7, the Canon S60 is pretty good, even if the price of 3,000 yuan Fuji F10, Sony T33 in terms of performance compared to F810 are greater. For the price, I think reveals two signals, one F810 is likely to have discontinued, one-time price thousand Yuan has deviated from the normal sales of electronic products rule, the last of the shipment is likely to be stock and TPS73233DBVR sell a considered a units, to minimize the loss, and second, F series are likely to face from the group, earlier this year, Z1 Fuji also announced the introduction of machines into the thin market, and F series if it is to maintain the special character, obviously very embarrassed, so pick down, Fuji F Series is likely to re-planning. Currently the price is 2780 yuan F810, as a manual feature rich models, the aircraft is still very high cost performance.