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A: With the development, gathering resources faster than we think, more and TPS79230DBVR more manufacturing companies move closer to us, and hope that we participate in the product development stage, which in 2005 involved close cooperation we have R & D enterprise. Speaking of commitment to its customers, the current market is a lack of trust between trading. We promise our customers can feel the presence of commitment so far not enough to simply get the seller to provide development of the industry, more consumers shift to form a concept of consumption. Of course, as vendors, we will always be committed to continuous improvement and improve customer service, so that consumers can feel we are there really high-quality services.

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A: So far, the furniture industry, changes in year 2004 -2005 is very fast. Production, design, service, great changes have three links. First, the production processes are increasingly changing the face of the regional market, a variety of choices, many production companies plagued CEOs, more and TPS79230DBVR more regional brand, but the real flow in the domestic and international brands, or very little. As the design level, the needs of customers is diverse, design and production can not be divorced from the needs of the market, when manufacturers have to occupy more market share, which is pursuing the production industry. The current design team of design professionals demand is still very large. Turning services, Ronglin Shi Jia from 2000 to now has been no change has been the service to do better, strive for higher quality services, better and more comprehensive services.