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Classic models, as Asus, Asus F8 series of books on the market has a great reputation. In order to meet greet New Year, all-around model Asus Centrino 2 platform Introducing F8Vr blue, red, pink, white and UC3844D four color version, on Christmas Day but also to consumers in the mood to bring a color. Even better, in the December 12, 2008 purchased from the user will receive a fine F8Vr wooden bed, computer desk, allowing you to nest in the cold winter in the yard can fully enjoy the pleasure brought F8Vr experience.

UC3844D Pinout

As the 08 new, this 12-inch S230 Founder to many consumers in the market left a deep impression, because pre-holiday promotions, the price of books is only 5,999 yuan now, and UC3844D you can get a second election to buy Gifts: Canada ¥ 10 bucks worth ¥ 399 yuan in "backpack Mouse", one each (limit 20,000 nationwide, while supplies last). ¥ 20 bucks plus the total value of ¥ 418 dollar "laptop bag Mouse Notebook Computer Desk" each one (limited 20,000 nationwide, while supplies last).