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A: The furniture industry today, more rational of the customer. As we sell the company concerned, we must improve their service, this is our foothold in this. In 2006, we have a plan to promote the new brand, expanding its network to promote our sales are not the focus of this year we will focus on will be done through existing brand so deep, so that our service changing a model. Should the customer buy the product before the promotion of our products to the customer's home, the service to do so deep wide. Currently, Ronglin Shi Jia has not desire to set up single sales network, which depends on market development and UCC3895DWTRG4 operational difficulty.

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Concern is that investment in fixed assets this year, Yunnan Province, will be completed in 2009 on the basis of 457.2 billion yuan, and UCC3895DWTRG4 then add 100 billion yuan, plans to reach 550 billion yuan, representing an increase of more than 20% in 2009. Accordingly, the industry is expected this year, the cement line of value-added growth rate in Yunnan Province, will be higher than 22% of cement production 5600-5750 tons, an increase of 11% -13.9%, of which, new dry process cement production will reach 89 total % or more.