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50's of last century, the Swedish government launched the "Million home construction plans," Couples Ladd spotted business opportunities, decided to enter the furniture industry. Once, he saw in a shoe store clerk to find shoes in different colors up and UPD71055GB103B4 down, too busy sweating profusely, he felt this way, the effort required and time-consuming, it is unreasonable. Inspired in 1956 he created a "flat-style concept", the goods are placed on the shelf for customers to self-created, all with easy to transport flat packs, customers home assembled on the line just click the image. This became one of the secrets of success IKEA.

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Guangxi is one of key non-ferrous metal production areas, including tin, antimony, tungsten, aluminum, lead, zinc and UPD71055GB103B4 other minerals proven reserves and occupies an important position in the country, known as "township of non-ferrous metals" in the world. In recent years, the rapid development of Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Industry, has been formed by the rough to deep processing, value-added products from low to high value-added products, relatively complete industrial chain, with annual output of 580 million tons of alumina, 850,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum , processing 70 million tons of aluminum production capacity, the establishment of a foundation and has a very technical level of the industrial system.