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UPS015 Features

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HD2, like equipped with the HD is 500 million pixel camera, an increase of dual LED photo light support, also supports touch-focus function, metering mode can be adjusted, with 640× 480 pixel-level video document recording. Multimedia, HD2 is not only equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, also built-in audio enhancement, can help smooth playback of high-frequency processor 720× 480/30fps the MPEG video files, with 4.3-inch large screen to watch video , comic books, or e-book is a real pleasure. Support HSPA / WCDMA / GSM networks with HD2 WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, and UPS015 MicroUSB data transmission, the use of MicroSD cards as an extension method, in addition to GPS and electronic compass not fall naturally.

UPS015 Pinout

HTCHD2 with 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen, 1GHz memory frequency combination of processor and UPS015 512MBROM/448MBRAM smart phone called the current king, or even can be used directly as MP4 GPS navigator or the handle, but the large screen, high core also brought endurance difficult to meet the needs of the general problems with, and now in many models and iphone Android under pressure from the days be difficult, with the WindowsMobile7 platform approaches, models of the listed upgrade just around the corner, has reduced it from line camp are stepping up efforts to adjust, the recent mobile phone shop in another hundred and so on down the latest offer after only 2780 yuan, configuration 1 power 1 red headphone cable, below the thousand mark just around the corner, low price, friends who are interested may wish to see.