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Performance, R2 machine uses a 500 million pixel 1/2.5-inch primary color CCD, 4.8 optical zoom lens, focal length range of 28-135mm, 320 × 240 pixels can capture the dynamic picture. R2 adds new image enhancing features, including 15 area autofocus accuracy, so you do not need to move the camera through the screen 15 can be a little green box select the appropriate points; the 1cm macro close-up function is also remarkable; color density adjustment, according to personal preferences, select the appropriate color to shoot video, including the thick, primary colors, a light and W982516CH75 black and white; exclusive "limited slow shutter speed." In addition, 28mm wide-angle, fast boot speed, the fastest shutter delay Ricoh R series has always been the characteristics of the body in R2 has also been extended.

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This week the news is not just about the Ricoh R2 limited edition market, selling for R2, and W982516CH75 several other types of promotional activities are also starting this week, starting this week to Aug. 15, those who buy Ricoh GX, GX8 , R1V or R2, consumers will receive a free sports bottle and sports Ricoh set of towels or a waterproof camera bag, which is a national event, the specific situation, you can visit the official website of Ricoh: http:// www.ricohclub.com / html / summerpro.htm