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Nikon Coolpix series COOLPIX7600 the appearance of the continuation of consistent shape, more streamlined design, more modern sense. Function, COOLPIX7600 equipped with a 1/1.8 inch 7.1 million effective pixel CCD, 3 optical Nikkor zoom lens, maximum aperture of F2.8, which contains the ED lens. The fastest shutter speed of 1 / 2000 sec, with a 4cm macro shooting capabilities. In the back of the fuselage is equipped with a 85,000 pixel 1.8-inch LCD screen, with the same 700-megapixel COOLPIX7900 D-Lighting uses the same technology, fixes playback of digital cameras and XC2VP505FF1517C red-eye problems exist in the character portrait mode , also supports the latest Nikon developed the Face-priority (Face-priority) AF technologies. In addition, COOLPIX7600 with five video shooting modes, while shooting a movie can enable electronic VR image stabilization feature.

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【IT.com.cn Nokia E71 Shanghai reported a perfect interpretation of the precise, refined business concept, 10mm slim QWERTY keyboard, full body, extraordinary metallic temperament, Saipan S60V3.1 the system more robust user experience to create, in the E72 After the successful outcome of the mantle now with excellent value for money it still attracts people who like it, recently licensed in Europe and XC2VP505FF1517C Cool Network (www.ouku.com) again after the latest offer little to adjust 1759 yuan, quite affordable, we had better pay close attention to opportunities Oh!