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This summer, you have no plans to go to the beach vacation? Hainan? Phuket? Or a hot Saipan recently fired? Is everything ready? Do not forget to bring a digital camera, I believe there's beauty will make you intoxicated, where the style that will make you s heart, I believe where the food will make you mouth water, I believe all this ... ... "I believe "all filmed with a digital camera, your happy to convey to others, you will find that your little happiness is very great.

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However, using a digital camera to the sea must be careful, there are a lot recently with some friends back from Hainan, digital cameras have a number of issues have emerged, mainly in tourism use is dropped out, resulting in water entering the camera into the sand and XC3090A6PC84C can not be used , in particular within the sand child enters the lens to the camera lens can not be very likely to lead to contraction of the shutter malfunction. To know the maintenance costs are very expensive digital camera, sometimes just a small part appears damaged, but have to put a very high maintenance costs, such as telescopic lenses can, and sometimes need to replace the entire lens, manual costs, parts costs are not currently a small number, and like the sea into the camera triggered by the failure to remove the high cost of repair, the repaired water will still be out of the corrosion layer, causing the camera flash does not flash, the shutter does not release the other, so even if repaired, would have more serious consequences. So what kind of digital camera to the beach or for carrying it? What to buy when get there?