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Shanghai reported】 【IT.com.cn Sharp SH9110C simplification can be said SH9010C“ hyperchromic” version of the classic cap is still designed, stainless steel wire drawing process, combined with stylish design modification of the mirror reveal a different fashion from the atmosphere and, while the 2.8-inch WQVGA LCD screen clear and XC3S20004FG456C realistic reduction of high-quality large screen images, bringing stirring visual enjoyment. Recently bought special network (http://www.360mart.com) Zaibao low 1,239 yuan, which is quite value for money, love Japanese friends can look at models.

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Japanese mobile phones, especially the Japanese local cell phones are not to small, thin Kyo, slender appearance of thick Japanese mobile phone has become a hallmark of Sharp SH9110C certainly no exception, classic swing axis of the fuselage two clamshell design with SH9010C consistent a variety of body colors look cute cute, 104× 48× 19.9mm and XC3S20004FG456C 106.8g weight measurements of fundamental and SH9010C flat. There is no doubt the screen is still the unique skills SH9110C Sharp, Sharp's MobileASV adhering to LCD technology, the display area is 2.8 inches, a resolution was 240× 400 pixels (WQVGA), display an absolute read for every memorable people, the same 90-degree rotation to support cross-screen clamshell design, there is a small LCD external screen can display time, caller ID and other basic information.