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Lenovo IdearpadY430G5299 per 14-inch Lenovo's flagship consumer model is IdeaPadY430, this notebook design incorporates the quality and XC95144XL7TQ100C entertainment properties. So much for the crowd, especially in domestic private consumption positive cases, Y430 is more personalized design combined with the general public. Lenovo Y430 now to make a student for special offers, as long as the price of 5299 yuan, college students can buy a used P7350 processor Y430. P7350 is the latest 45nm products, the new P8400 is only slightly inferior in comparison, the performance is already strong enough.

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The popularity of Centrino 2 is always the fashion trends, Erdang Jia HP naturally unwilling to fall behind others. After carefully building, this new mold of the new models of HP 6530b grand debut in the capital. The approaching holidays, the books carry promotional natural wind, but also gifts, but also let, immediately set off a hot market, a small climax. Buy this HP 6530b now friends get a free dual-purpose camera bag a laptop, in addition to also receive an additional accidental damage to the gold medal in HP3R services.