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YM3812F Features

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Performance, the Pentax OptioWP also satisfy the average home user to use, using a 1/2.5 inch CCD sensor, with 500 million effective pixels, the maximum output image size is 2560x1920, and YM3812F can shoot 320 x 240 resolution clips. Because it is a waterproof camera, so it is used within the zoom design, still has a 3x optical zoom, focal length of 3-114mm, the shutter speed from 1-1/2000s, with a 1 cm macro shooting function. In addition, as it is designed for the average family, there is no manual functions too complicated, but provides up to 22 kinds of scene modes to help you out in a variety of conditions, the ideal photo shoot. The compact body, so cancel the optical viewfinder, but the 2.0-inch LCD screen not only meet the current market trends, but also to provide users great convenience to the underwater viewing, although the pixels only 8.5 million. Other aspects, OptioWP use SD card as storage medium, lithium battery-powered, in addition, it has a recovery feature that can help you recover photos have been removed.

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Overall, the Sony U60 also with other types of digital cameras is not the same, vertical one-handed manipulation, the use of blue and YM3812F white mix, people have a feeling of closeness and the sea, its back there is more design features, one-hand operation Equipment 1.0 inch LCD screen 64,000 pixels, and the U series of early products of this line, you can choose to turn off and turn on the backlight, suitable for most environments, a clear view, but the image shows the general effect, after all, the screen is too small, and limited visibility in the sea inside .