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Business sense whales belly

Published:2010/11/1 13:41:06 |

    " Creative social "into the restaurant business, the dark, cool experience to share Hand resting on the shoulders of the attendant wearing night vision goggles, and slowly into the dining area to find a seat, after taking a seat around one could see, only silently waiting for a good package to the waiter in front of the set, and then have to carefully to find food and to send their mouth, and then with the companions or scared or hi enjoying sitting in the dark pitch-dark fun to eat. Of course, after eating in the dark can squeeze a pottery to take home. This is subversive whales belly dark dining restaurant scene.
     "March 2009, opened a branch in Tianjin, about our own investment 100 million yuan." Whale belly dark restaurant founder Chen says, "Our business is now relatively healthy rate of return is not bad. Business model with direct camp and joined in parallel. "
     The first whales belly dark restaurant in December 2006 opened in Beijing. According to Chen describes, the Beijing store in 2007 revenues of more than 300 million, year 2008, 250 million, and intends to reinvest his family in Beijing. In addition, in Shanghai, Changsha, Xiamen, one of the open, while Wuhan, Shenyang, two are in preparation. Why whales belly how to grow?
     Relying on Creative Play Food
     "Our overall position for the city's most fashionable, most romantic restaurant. Many young people to spend all feel very romantic, very fun." Chen said, "I think this restaurant is very exciting in terms of customers, and the public is a different experience. I think any kind of unique experience, must have a market in Beijing. "whale belly a" social creativity "of the restaurant business philosophy, creating a dark and mysterious cool experience. The main customer group of young people dared to fashion early adopters, such as good friends, and interesting couple and the guy going bad and so full of others.
     In addition to the lobby, bar room, bathroom and kitchen, the dining area complete darkness. According to Chen introduced to the dark zone whales belly consumer-based, this set up a special team to conceive creative chefs in the dark environment for the enjoyment of dishes. At first, the restaurant set up the blind service area, guests can communicate with the blind, so that guests experience the life of the blind. Through this experience, where guests can be a psychological impact. Chen's idea is: "Every day we work and live among the bright, always maintain a certain distance between people. So, I want visitors to experience in our restaurant for an hour absolute darkness, in the dining room can not see to each other, communicate with each other, you can not care about each other's eyes, facial expressions, just to feel each other's mind, heart. "
     According to customer demand, dining and activities whales belly also combine to launch a number of activities. For example, in the dark dining room or by the sense of smell to identify each other and make friends; to fully mobilize the imagination of customers in the dark, pinching his ceramic works. Also set up shop two or three people in the planning group to plan activities to the guests and provide personalized custom services. For example, the courtship, wedding anniversary, anniversary couples, understanding anniversaries, birthday parties and so on. Now, to provide customers with personalized service charges accounted for whales belly about 10% of total revenue.
     Timely adjustment of business ideas
     But after operating for some time, the problem comes: the customer after the early adopters, the restaurant does not continue to introduce more fresh, more creative dishes and service. How to ensure the sustainability of the vitality of the restaurant? Whales belly facing the challenge to ensure that revenues continue to grow.
     "In 2007, our business are particularly good, line up every day, to telephone bookings." Chen admitted, "At first, we have a very high-end positioning, the innovation, the concept on the most subversive heart, through the restaurant model to attract visitors. I was not thinking about how to make the business a long time, as well as after the guests to experience the second time will not come. "
     Later, Chen had to adjust their business ideas. Now, the whales belly back to normal state of food and beverage business, which added to the success of many elements of traditional food. "Our business model is constantly adjusted exploration. Now do not go as it was entirely high-end, very personal line, but the theme of stylish restaurants and popular restaurants elements together. Because the culture alone is not enough to attract visitors, what is the core of the restaurant food and service. "
     Therefore, when the whales belly open new stores to switch to "13" strategy, namely "1" is the dishes, "3" is the location, decoration, pricing. Dishes rich in species. Guests can only point of the original package, and now the newly opened store can scatter as many as 100 kinds of dishes. Adjust the price to make it more popular, because the original price, often to the case if the general customers can not afford. Meanwhile, the new shop in the dining area into the dark zone and twilight zone, abandoned the pure darkness of the consumption patterns of customers can be scattered in the twilight zone. Even in the Shanghai store, has added bright area, box area, low-light areas and dark, romantic dining and other entertainment areas.
     "The theme of change and deviation from the original restaurant, but it caters to different consumer needs, help enhance the restaurant's consolidated profit. Of course, the original unique, romantic, dark area to stimulate consumption, we will keep." Chen "We need to do is, per capita consumption is maintained at high levels, but let the consumer implies more added value for customers to feel different from the daily consumption."
     To own hands the future destiny
     March 2008, and in the summer of whales belly investment company signed a 10 million dollar financing agreement. But Chen did not rush to use them to invest in rapid expansion. "We shop very carefully, not for speed. Because if open many new stores, management, however, the low rate of return, might as well not do."
     Chen admitted, there is no financial pressure, so I do not intend to introduce investment. However, foreign investment, he has his own view: Investors looking to find like-minded, we must find as a shareholder or partner, not just the kind of financial investment. "This investment can not find: he will govern your investment come to you in accordance with his plan to develop. Because this cooperation model, 90% of the final failure. My current thinking is that our own team to holding. If even your own company can not control, that it failed. "
     As for the next few years, Chen hopes first-tier cities in the country to open 20 stores around the Direct or join. "But now we want to measure a specific model shop operations such as opening new stores, how long it takes to stabilize, profitability, need for long periods. So when you open a new store, our hearts have at the end. Our ideal goal is, every year 50% of the returns. Now, Beijing has basically reached the stores, the Shanghai store is similar, Tianjin shop estimates have no problem. If we can achieve this state, I think it is good. "
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