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Lithium-ion capacitor start the industrialization of the substitution effect appears imminent

Published:2010/9/2 15:13:35 |

Six trends in lithium-ion capacitor

Lithium-ion capacitor as a new high-end power supply components, although the available time is not long, but the momentum of rapid development, application fields are expanding, growing market demand. The trend manifested in the following areas:

1. Lithium-ion capacitor is a double-layer capacitors derivatives, the performance is excellent, the future will compete with the super capacitor substitutes, future bright.

2. Lithium ion capacitor of the R & D focus abroad, especially Japan, and formed a few have the power to industrial manufacturers, application market will first start in a foreign country.

3. China's lithium-ion capacitor as a whole lags behind in R & D, less participation in R & D units, results for the industrialization of a long way. And it is less because R & D units, low interest, first to those who only have the opportunity to start. If the domestic enterprises can import the results of existing mature technologies at home and abroad, and to industrialization, to obtain first-mover advantage.

4. Double-layer capacitors present in the country is emerging as a new energy storage device, lithium-ion capacitor wants to replace in the short term is not realistic.

5. Lithium-ion capacitor has widespread applications, especially in the emerging field of energy such as wind power, solar street light, electric cars and so on. As the lithium ion capacitor its environmental characteristics, if combined with supporting these industries will form an effective carrier of green energy.

6. According to the development process of super-capacitors, lithium-ion capacitor is expected to industrialization in the international market launch in 2011, the domestic market starts to lag 3-5 years.

Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) is introduced in the new century, much higher than the energy density of electric double layer capacitors (EDLC) of new power devices, and has broad prospects for development. Lithium-ion capacitor used in the design principle of electric double layer capacitors, used in constructing the lithium-ion rechargeable battery (LIB) of the anode material and dual-layer capacitors cathode materials, in the same time add in the negative lithium ion, thus greatly improving the energy density capacitors. Global Li-ion capacitor development work began in the early 21st century, 2005 to achieve commercialization, mass production of 2008, Asahi Kasei Electronics, ACT, NEC, JMEnergy, Taiyo Yuden and a number of companies are developing lithium-ion capacitor products. Expected to form a large scale in 2013, 2020 may be generalizable.

Practical step by step

● 2010 ~ 2011, lithium-ion capacitor can be formally industrialization.

● Li-ion capacitor is some special areas such as wind power, street lighting and industrial batteries and power generation equipment in the field to gradually replace the double-layer capacitor.

According to market research firm analyzes the world market for supercapacitors is about 3.0 billion. The lithium ion capacitor as a new type of super capacitor, is expected to be 2010 to 2011 the official industrial production, in 2020 the market will reach 600 million yuan, annual shipments will reach 40 million units.

Lithium-ion capacitor is gradually replacing some special areas of electric double layer capacitors: one in the field of wind power. In Fukushima Prefecture, Japan ZEPHYR coastal marine gas field equipment (Drilling platform) are using 21 sets of small wind power generation equipment are equipped with lithium-ion capacitor module, operating conditions show good results. Capacitor module is placed in between the windmills and inverters, when the winds began to become large, it can absorb electricity, played the role of buffer memory; when the power suddenly stopped, you can use capacitors to store power, smooth to the inverter. MT8981DP is the number for products that is related with integrated circuit.