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German machine tool manufacturing industry targeting India

Published:2010/9/10 11:10:02 |

German machine tool manufacturer in Frankfurt Association (VDW) spokesman told reporters that: "strengthen India market Tuiguang of strategic importance to the Indian market in the future Yin Wei Jun Jiang maintain rapid growth. We need in this rapidly evolving market Kuoda market share. "

Technical seminars strength of Germany's machine tool

German Machine Tool Builders Association, based on this thinking, Bombay, India and Germany in the Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) support, in March this year in Chennai and Pune consecutive 3-year technical seminar was held to demonstrate the technical strength of the German machine tool manufacturing industry.

German Machine Tool Builders Association, said Klaus-PeterKuhnmunch Seminar: India's economy maintained strong growth in recent years, the German machine tool manufacturing industry will continue to focus on the Indian market. In view of this, the German Machine Tool Builders Association that the third consecutive year the company also introduced its products in India is of great significance. He added: "India's economic policy makers of the first task is to promote industrial development and job creation. To achieve this goal, India needs advanced technology machine equipment, thus backing to ensure the success of industrial production."

The German machine tool manufacturers often send representatives to India. Chennai seminar with 315 guests participated in India, Pune India seminars are 360 guests attended, which have appointed the German Machine Tool Builders Association of German companies by the 20-member delegation.

IMTEXForming2010 stressed forming

German machine tool manufacturing industry will be closely watching the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA) dynamic. As India's top machine tool manufacturing industry trade association, the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association's recent decision on forming an international technology exhibition (IMTEX) restructuring. Every year this event attracted, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, in many countries, including exhibitors. After the reorganization of the exhibition will be a year of "forming" technology as its theme, the following year with "cutting" technology as the theme. Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, said to the Articles: the restructuring of special need, as forming more and more important, help to strengthen the Indian engineering industry competitiveness.

Therefore, held in Bangalore in January this year the first shape forming technology exhibition called the 2010 International Exhibition (IMTEXForming2010), to showcase metal, plastic and composite materials, ceramics and other engineering materials, the latest molding technologies in industry with a wide range of handy product areas. International Forming Technology Expo 2010, including three Hall: 2010 Metal Forming Technology, 2010 and 2010 forming polymer forming the future. Same period, the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association also held a Tooltech2010 international exhibitions, professional display of die, mold, forming tools, machine accessories, measuring technology, CAD / CAM technologies.

The face of fierce competition, the German machine tool industry performed well

Indian Auto Parts Manufacturers Association, said during the show JayantDavar: Indian automobile industry has great potential, the current annual sales of 45 billion U.S. dollars ,2015-2016 financial year is expected to reach 145 billion U.S. dollars. Germany is facing from Japan, Italy and the United States competitive, but also face competition from mainland China and Taiwan, the competition of cheap products. At the same time, Germany would like a weak euro will become the driving force to promote its export machine.

In recent years, the German machine tools to India trade continues to grow. Despite the general economic recession led to Germany's export recession, but trade between India and Germany have emerged last year, up. Fluctuations in the European economy has experienced a roller coaster when the Indian economy has remained strong, the Indian manufacturing industry has maintained steady growth, in turn, has triggered the latest production tools and equipment for the huge demand. Therefore, the Indian market has been attractive to the German machine tool manufacturing industry, the future is no exception. 2004-2008, the Indian machine tool purchase volume increased 270%, to 12 billion euros. Most of the time by the German machine tool manufacturing to meet demand. German machine tool industry has been working with Indian companies to maintain close contact with many German companies and representative offices in many states of India. Germany to provide production technology for Indian industry, the world leader. In 2009, bilateral trade volume between India and Germany increased by 5.9%. Last year, India's imports rose 4.4%, exports to Germany grew by about 52%, reaching 15.5 million euros.

As a machine tool supplier, India still has a long way to go, the current global supplier of machine tools ranked 27. However, in the German machine tool exporter, India ranked 9th. The purchase of the Indian machine tool products, ranked No. 5 in Germany, after the United States, Belgium, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. In 2009, India's demand for a large German machine tool types include gear cutting, grinding, honing, grinding and machining center bed. India's machine tool exports include parts and accessories, followed by milling and processing center.

German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, said: economic crisis for many German machine tool company from the unnecessary "fat", more "able-bodied." In Frankfurt, the German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association headquarters, representatives of the mantra is to machine tool industry, the economic crisis, "weight" is more robust than before the recession. This is because the experience of the financial crisis, the German machine tool manufacturers of rival Japanese companies, Japan's machine tool production decline rate is twice that of Germany, to 50 billion euros, this production does not include parts and equipment. Indeed, the German machine tool manufacturer to tide over the difficulties and global market share increased slightly, ranking ahead of Japan 7%.

This year, the German machine tool manufacturing industry is expected to achieve substantial growth in demand. Despite severe economic recession, but a smooth ride out the storm in Germany in 2010 to restore confidence. German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association president MartinKapp at the annual press conference, said: "Although still facing difficulties, but we expect a substantial rebound in the second half of its business." He cited the September 2009 monthly rise since the order quantity state that the German machine tool manufacturing industry, export orders may be the first to recover. China and India, and Russia and Brazil, will provide a strong recovery in the German machine tool manufacturing industry momentum. SN74LS145N is the number for products that is related with integrated circuit.