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MTK: MT6573 and 1GHz push smartphone chip

Published:2010/10/25 14:48:53 |

Smart phone is undoubtedly the future development trend of mobile phones, for mobile phone chip manufacturers, smart phones and 3G era is both an opportunity and a challenge, as the 2G era of the famous mobile phone chip solution provider, MediaTek was considered to be subverted traditional leader in mobile phone industry chain, then face the mobile phone market, MediaTek, how will the response and planning? before accepting SAN MediaTek mail interview that the upcoming era of couplet Division is more opportunities than challenges, MediaTek are extremely well prepared for the future.

Wonderful view:

More opportunities than challenges, will intensify the cooperation with domestic partners

Will continue to provide one-stop solution services

1GHz frequency push MT6573 and smart phone chip

Will add more personalization features customized to meet the requirements of differentiation

1, smart phones and 3G era is to MediaTek opportunities greater than the challenges, opportunities, or greater than the challenges? How do you see the future of the chip market trends?

Smart phones and 3G era is to MediaTek opportunities greater than challenges. MediaTek is also the key development areas.

Over the past few years, MediaTek has been committed to promoting the development of China's 3G industry, with particular emphasis on China's own 3G communication standard TD-related technology research and development. MediaTek launched the first of this year the world's first to support TD-HSPA + chip solutions, and terminal manufacturers with a number of strong hands to win with China Mobile's TD Terminal special incentive fund 65nm 3G phone project, the perfect embodiment of the chip manufacturers and handset manufacturers cooperate, help handset manufacturers to the game, quickly capture the market ground. In addition to betting TD technology continued technological innovation, MediaTek, and proud of WorldCom earlier this year also reached a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides committed to provide a richer TD solutions, bigger and stronger hand in the TD market. MediaTek hope and the domestic mobile phone manufacturers to enhance close cooperation continued to win market leadership, as more consumers use high-quality 3G mobile phone experience.

In the smart mobile phones, adding "Open Handset Alliance", the MediaTek With many years of service experience and resources of the Chinese market, innovation is reflected in the Android ™ platform provides users with the most multi-media network with Chinese characteristics, services, and community network experience. With the accumulation of mobile platforms in a variety of multimedia technology and market success, MediaTek is a high efficient service and experienced technical team is committed to handset manufacturers and partners to provide more highly integrated chips for cell phones, to create the United Nations Development Android ™ technology-specific smart phone solutions. Mature with MediaTek chip solution integrating high-quality smart phones already on the market, with a mature application. Customers can not only easily crossed the technical threshold, developed a highly cost-effective Android ™ smart phone, but also significantly reduce time to market is conducive to seize the global smart phone market opportunities.

2, MTK chip production is still smart phone will use Turn-Key program? Smart phone mobile phone chip and the general function of the chip is the biggest difference in what? Its production design where the greatest difficulty?

Our total solution, not only in selling chips, but also other software and other content related to a settlement. Of course, the first chip to be able to guarantee the quality. Then, the customer is concerned, to some extent will greatly shorten their development time, so in our industry who do terminal manufacturers is more keen sense of smell, the reaction faster, more able to win. We provide services to some extent, so that the terminal manufacturers solve this problem, terminal manufacturers can quickly and spend more time to understand the needs of the market, did his sense of smell is more acute, it was already afraid of the back can not keep up, because the back of our one-stop service to back. XC4020E-3HQ208C is the number for products that is related with integrated circuit.