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Storage vendors offer standard products from a customer-centric changes to

Published:2010/12/23 10:08:37 |

Our industry prospects and the overall economic trends are closely related, so we continue to monitor our customers and their business growth, and growth of their business relationship with the overall economic indicators. Compared with the last market cycle, the recent memory sector capital spending has not increased significantly. If the economic recovery, as expected, Micron 2011, sales will be strong growth.

    With the approach of 2011, Micron will get a lot of focus on only the previous desktop, server and network equipment slightly different strategic market opportunities.

    Numonyx acquired in 2010 for us to get the industry's unique technology and product portfolio. We NAND flash memory market leadership allows us to develop the market for mobile phones and embedded strong product portfolio. Our product development program covering consumer electronics and communications / networks of different target markets, almost able to meet all customer needs. Compared with competitors, our product portfolio strengths become more prominent.

    Micron will continue to enrich the product portfolio in China, to strengthen the company in the mobile and embedded systems market. We have also seen on the medical and automotive markets, new opportunities are larger. Micron has four strategic business units, respectively, focus on DRAM, NAND, wireless communication and embedded systems market. I just want to say that each target market represents a value of over one billion U.S. dollars in revenue opportunities.

    Overall, we are very optimistic about the storage market demand trends. Today, we see an increasing number of digital media content, which means that all the equipment, not just computers, you need intelligence, where intelligence is the processing and communication functions. For example, today, people use smart phones text editor, search content, read news, navigation and positioning, handling e-mail. These applications require memory, DRAM and NAND to create opportunities. Another typical example is the automotive industry, today most of the models are basically installed in a vehicle dashboard computer, require large capacity memory, which once again Micron memory to create excellent opportunities.

    In the memory field, I think the main technical challenges engineers from existing computer platforms. In the past, developers use the major companies such as Intel and Microsoft, the development of computer platforms. Today, the mobile phone market, the emergence of several new computer platform, a lot of chip makers, software platform was more diverse trends, the current mainstream software platform vendors have Symbian, Microsoft, Apple and Google. In short, our challenge is our response to the needs of the new platform speed and platform vendors with the new partnership.

    We are taking action to help a number of OEM manufacturers in China to resolve their current challenges facing the technology and market. First, we continue to expand operations in China, Micron and human investment. In today's rapidly changing world, we must be close to customers, and customers to cooperate. Secondly, our business model will not only provide standard products based on the core, but with our OEM customers to cooperate, to understand their market demand, with customers to develop a viable solution to establish a suitable solution for customers program decision-making process. Memory business from a pure supplier of standard products into a customer-centric solutions. Our investment in Asia reflects our understanding of our commitment to long-term success in China, what is required.