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Microsoft plans new version of Windows for Tablet PC Development

Published:2010/12/24 10:37:11 |

Beijing December 23, Microsoft is planning for the Tablet PC like device on a new Windows operating system, WindowsPhone7 is working in the highly competitive smart phone market, gain a place. The new operating system will first run on ARMPLC designed processors. ARM processor has been ruled tablet PC and handheld device markets. The processor has been produced with the Intel x86 processor to compete.

    It is not clear the new operating system time to market, but Microsoft said that may be battery-powered Tablet PCs and mobile devices lose some market share. In response, Microsoft and ARM declined to comment.

    Microsoft said the release of the first six weeks in WP7, a total of over 1.5 million smart phones were sold WindowsPhone7 to achieve the company's so-called realistic expectations. WP7 is an excellent company in the market in the smartphone market, competing with Google and Apple's last chance.

    Microsoft stakeholders on the above figures are not satisfied, they believe the mobile phone market competition for Microsoft will be a war. In the absence of the mobile phone market as well as delays in response to Apple iPad, Microsoft shares are affected.