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LED strategy gorgeous turn lead Skyworth

Published:2010/12/31 9:56:05 |

Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd Interim Report released: the first half of fiscal year 2010/11 Skyworth Digital in the fierce market competition, stable development of business, profitability and ability to maintain industry leadership, including turnover of 11.15 billion Hong Kong dollars, up 11.3 %; margin nearly 1.97 billion Hong Kong dollars, profit of 413 million Hong Kong dollars. Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd CEO Zhang Xuebin Chairman of the Board said: "The downturn in the TV market this year, the environment, Skyworth Digital TV core industries, related industries, digital set-top boxes, LCD devices, and other fast-growing business, turnover rose steadily, the overall profitability of the company provided important support. "

    Skyworth Digital Board of Directors Executive Director, Group Vice President, TV Business Division President Yang Dongwen, said: "The Division of Chinese TV competition in the television market, also continue to maintain profitability, and the LED transition time, the product structure optimization, the difference technology , marketing, organizational innovation, and channel widening, marketing strategy, system efficiency and other factors inseparable. "

    Cool 3D is also rich and open intelligent Skyworth continued "health" of the brand content. "Health" concept has been the focus of Skyworth brand appeal and product design fulcrum, people-oriented enterprises, the introduction of human health science and technology, has been popular. Since 2000, introduction of health Skyworth TV, progressive scan, six-color technology, screen-change technology, cool, open gym, a revolutionary technology favored by consumers. The launch of the "no flash in 3D", Skyworth will continue to deepen the concept of health demands. It is learned that Skyworth will be "no flash, and is healthy," the classic ad, to promote the new cool 3D open intelligence.

    "3D TV from next year to promote the universal stage to stage." Yang Dongwen frankly, is the price too high before the obstruction is an important factor universal 3D TV, and Skyworth to the cool new 3D TV is smart to open the price has only ordinary LED TV 1.2 times, and its rapid growth into the inevitable. In addition, prior to December Skyworth launched the first flagship E92RD series, also released 8 series of follow-up cool open market for intelligent 3D program, Skyworth Smart 3D using "smart 3D engine", with a strong operations, decoding and multi-tasking capacity, creating the first TV platform in the system operation to achieve 3D, 3D Blu-ray decoding, 3D harmonic drive, 3D graphics acceleration, 3D intelligent conversion of the central processing chip, it can be said to truly meet consumer demand to meet the real 3D image.

    And had been introduced on the "hot selling" health campaign E70 series, as Yang Dongwen prospects for the development of 3D TV, also expressed optimism. He predicted: "3D TV sales in China in 2011 will reach 800 million units, overall sales of flat-panel TVs accounted for 20%, Skyworth will strive to share their own 3D TV flat-panel TV sales to 30% of the total sales volume." He said that "health campaign television E70 series and cool to open the introduction of intelligent 3D TV, in fact, marks the beginning of the development of a comprehensive transformation of Skyworth LED biography of the already successful."

    Gorgeous turn, lead the LED strategy Skyworth

    "2010 color TV industry for 20 years can be described as the most difficult period since, and Skyworth can achieve such results is not easy." Yang Dongwen said that despite the economic crisis this year has gone, but for domestic color TV enterprises, the TV industry this year will be really welcome welcome the most difficult year. Since 2009, when the most serious economic crisis, domestic color TV enterprises have made flying against the market trend, resulting in a color TV manufacturers expect a better TV market this year. Accumulation in the beginning of the year a large number of TV CCFL-backlit LCD TV to color TV market in this year's game. In fact flat-panel TV sales as expected, the product of the accumulation of too much and causing too much inventory, in April 2010, May is the most stressful time Skyworth inventory. Skyworth first half of the flat-panel TV sales are expected to exceed 300 million units, and in fact sold only 282 million flat-panel TV, LED TV which about 55 million units sold, the sales contribution to the larger.

    In addition, this LCD module prices continue to drop, but also to the excessive accumulation of domestic color TV enterprises to supply a surprise. 32-inch LCD TV modules, for example, in the beginning of the year is $ 220 a piece, and by the end of 2010, a 32 in. module price dropped to $ 160, which makes the stock in the high variable cost of CCFL LCD TV , the emergence of such a situation, this expert sales more difficult in the domestic color TV enterprises are worse.