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China's international trade status LED and key industry

Published:2010/12/31 9:58:11 |

Since China joined the WTO, more and more frequently in international trade, export trade in many enterprises accounted for a large share of the vast market for foreign enterprises have set foot in China. But the current situation is, both in the LED industry, or some other consumer goods industries, frequently the product of Chinese exports were recalled, returns, except for technical reasons, to overseas standards, requires different understanding of qualification is the most important comprehensive enough One of the reasons. TüV SÜD Project Manager, Shenzhen LED industry standard Alliance Expert Committee Dr. Huang Xuan, to users of international trade, China's LED industry status and key.

    Rigorous certification market benefits to consumers

    Huang Xuan believes that certification will not only help companies market to open the door to exporting countries, but also to bring more value to end customers.

    First, it guarantees a certain extent, the market supply of product quality and safety. Because the authentication system is the product of the performance, security and other aspects of a verification and identification, authentication system to urge the establishment of enterprises in accordance with certain regulations and standards of production operations, thus ensuring the quality of its products. Especially for the LED product safety certification, and help protect the safety and health of end users.

    Second, it can guide consumers to buy with the products. When consumers buy LED lamps, with personal experience is often difficult, subjective visual inspection and other means to determine its intrinsic quality is good or bad, but the implementation of the product certified products usually have certificates or a particular certification mark. This indicates that the product after the identification and evaluation of third-party agencies, consumers in the use of a certain quality and safety assurance.

    Certification is the golden key to open the exporting country market

    According to Huang Xuan introduced, TüV SÜD team of experts dedicated to technology, system and expertise in optimization, in order to enhance the competitiveness of customers around the world. Based on reliability, safety, quality assurance, environmental protection and cost savings purposes, to provide practical solutions. TüV SÜD Group in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan some international development organizations, chambers of commerce and trade are the close cooperation, including China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ), China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and China Certification & Inspection Group Co., Ltd. ( CCIC). December 20 this year, TüV SÜD become China's first low carbon city programs to address the central member.

    With the rapid development of LED industry, China is gradually developing into a major global LED lighting products production base and export base, a large number of high-quality LED lighting, LED products, enterprises will be transported to the world. Huang Xuan said, TüV has years of history as a world-renowned third-party organizations that can help businesses and other key global markets through the EU certification, the certification is the golden key to open the market, the exporting country.

    TüV certification in the lighting industry has a high authority on testing and certification of LED lighting has been well-known organizations in many countries and recognition. It is understood, TüV South is a notified body authorized by the EU, the report issued by the CE in Europe with wide recognition. South or the German Accreditation Council TüV (ZLS) GS certificate issued by authorized certification body, according to "the German Equipment Safety Law" for LED lighting product testing and certification marks issued by GS.

    According to Dr. Huang Xuan introduced, TüV South can also provide LED lighting CB service, the report issued by CB recognized by many members of the CB. South TüV laboratory in the country has access to the China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) recognition.

    In addition, TüV PSB Certification Singapore South also offers Japanese PSEMark, Australia C-Tick mark, NRTL and the U.S. FCC certification, and other multi-national market, the certification service.