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Breakthrough LED lighting technology prices starting point for analysis

Published:2010/12/31 10:02:58 |

Thousands of families involved in indoor lighting, LED lighting, indoor lighting, after the real popularity of outdoor lighting market than the market is even larger, LED interior lighting, especially used in rendering the atmosphere, with the past, unparalleled in any other light source advantage, but At present the domestic market, the price still too high, most people still can not afford. Analysis based on LED, LED you have the following result for the following reasons:

    1, no core technology of domestic enterprises

    LED industry to master the upper reaches of most of the core patents in the hands of foreigners, we do not grasp the core technology, despite the application of our LED manufacturing capacity in the world accounted for 50% of the share accounted for 50%, but actually the lowest part of the profit .

    LED chip with the technology, increase the number of larger wafers by the production process, will continue to reduce costs, in recent years reduced the annual rate of 20%, LED chips in the price factor, to enhance the efficiency of light is also included in the price reduction in the , the same price to buy a better product. The main cost of LED lighting in the LED chip, as long as chip prices down, LED unit can be reduced and the lumen at this stage considerable energy-saving lamps, indoor lighting, naturally everywhere. LED chip is also much room for price cuts.

    2, LED applications, heat is difficult


    Cooling costs to remain at 5%, the actual thermal design is very simple, always has two directions: First, LED chips and pieces of the path outside the radiators as short as possible, the shorter the better your thermal design; Second, heat resistance , is to have enough heat spread to the path must also have sufficient "cooling path." Mainly in the structure of this part of the cost for the cooling costs are not many.

    3, LED low power applications

    LED lighting power is the weakest link, is seriously lagging behind the development of LED lighting, the quality to be improved. Lighting design is now accounted for about 20% of the cost, and some high. As the technology development of power in about 5-10% of the most reasonable.

    LED costs are high, in fact, is the other light source relative to the current, as a not invented until the 20th century, 90 blue LED, white LED can be achieved resulting in the LED industry, in fact, now the cost is not high. Especially the LED environment protection, energy saving, mercury, and each quarter the price of LED lamps are sliding down, I believe we can achieve in a short period of time people to an acceptable level.

    Domestically, the next 3 to 5 years, with the development of the upstream chip, semiconductor lighting indoor lighting products occupy 40% of the proportion of applications are very optimistic.