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Parallel operation of power electronic transformer Matlab simulation of the dynamic

Published:2010/8/3 11:01:43 |

Power electronic transformer PET (Power-Electronic Transformer) as a new type of power transformers, domestic and foreign researchers have been more and more attention. It is a power electronic converter and contains high-frequency transformer to achieve magnetic coupling through the transformer device. PET at the completion of conventional transformer, isolation and transmission of energy that can play the role of power quality controller is a versatile new transformer. Distribution system can be used to achieve blood pressure but also to ensure power quality.

Two or several sets of parallel operation of PET is an important operation mode transformer has important research value. However, PET studies at home and abroad to focus on its topological structure and control strategy, its application in power system and its operational characteristics of relatively weak. Using master-slave control programs to address the parallel exchange side of the PET output Parallel flow; on PET load occurred in parallel with nonlinear load step changes and the dynamic process of a simulation study. In this paper, parallel distribution with load distribution control strategy PET study, the dynamic simulation of typical operation.

1 PET's basic structure and control strategy

The basic topology of PET into AC - AC - AC converters and AC - DC - AC - DC - AC DC converter double. The former is simple, but the controllability is not high: the latter complex structure, improve the control strategy, applied widely. Typical AC - DC - AC - DC - AC DC dual topology shown in Figure 1.

PET the primary voltage type PWM rectifier with decoupling of the voltage and current double closed loop control, regardless of perceptual load on transformers or capacitive, as long as a certain range, can make the grid power factor close to 1; of the original edges single-phase inverter circuit to achieve high-frequency inverter, you can use open loop control. In order to reduce the size and weight of transformers, transformer using ferrite magnetic materials, high permeability cores. Transformer secondary side rectifier circuit for high frequency rectification, on the distribution transformers are not considered two-way flow of energy, so its use is not controlled rectifier circuit. The output constant pressure, constant frequency AC voltage, PET Vice side inverter circuit voltage closed-loop control.

2 PET parallel operation control principle

Two or several sets of parallel operation of PET is to improve the system reliability and an effective way to expand capacity, the parallel operation of PET is still not deep enough. Vice-side PET and US inverter working principle of the inverter line, while the parallel operation of multiple UPS's achievements rich [5-7], in the PET study can draw the parallel issues.
PET currently proposed parallel control methods include: centralized control, master-slave control mode, logic control and the distribution of non-control mode interconnects [2]. In this paper, for the two interconnection lines of the PET without the parallel operation issues. Figure 2 is a diagram of two PET parallel system, the original parties connected to the same public bus.

In order to avoid parallel transformer loop appears, the station's secondary voltage PET frequency, amplitude and phase to be consistent; for the realization of transformers in parallel between the active load and reactive load stable distribution, the units should have the active tone difference PET the mobility characteristics and reactive properties. PET has the characteristics of the mobility edge inverter control vice diagram shown in Figure 3.

PET secondary voltage of frequency, amplitude and phase depends on the PWM inverter sine pulse modulation signal, sinusoidal modulation characteristics and frequency for a given value of f0, the phase and amplitude of a given value ρ0 the given value. F0 = 50Hz taken to ensure the rated frequency. ρ0 P0 corresponds to the active load of the voltage when the first phase (usually taken as 0, the introduction of active compensation coefficient Kp> 0), the mobility features can form active

ρ = ρ0-KpP (1)

U0 corresponds to the reactive load Q = 0 when the voltage amplitude, the introduction of reactive power compensation factor KQ> 0, can form a poor characteristic reactive power transfer

U = U0-KQQ (2)

On the parallel operation of the PET, ρ0 and U0's value should be the same, the introduction of active and reactive power compensation, when the load changes, the parallel operation of the PET will automatically adjust its output voltage phase angle and amplitude between the transformer automatically distribution of power and stability; to a reasonable size distribution transformer capacity by the load capacity of the PET to its own benchmark of Kp and KQ-unit value should be equal, and generally the 0.01 ~ 0.05.

Poor use of frequency modulation characteristics of PET and the parallel inverter's active power distribution. Clearly, in this control mode, the frequency of different load power supply can not keep to 50Hz; and if the frequency in order to ensure the quality, frequency modulation deviation coefficient values must be very small, this does not help stability and distribution of PET in parallel between the power load. With different initial phase angle of this paper, the mobility features, you can maintain a constant frequency power supply, can be chosen at a reasonable coefficient of the mobility, stability and achieve a reasonable distribution of active load. Involved in parallel the output voltage of the PET are equal to 50Hz frequency must be to ensure normal operation. In Figure 3, because of the frequency of use of closed-loop PI control, can do this.

PET parallel operation may not be exactly the same parameters, the most common is the limiting reactors or cable inductance parameters are different. Figure 3, the voltage measurement point of deliberately set in a public bus, even for the PET parameters of inconsistency, it can guarantee stable power between parallel PET reasonable distribution. If voltage measurement point in the PET output, it can not guarantee this.

3 Simulation

In this paper, Matlab6.5/Simulink built a simulation model of two parallel operation with the parameters of PET was simulated. System main parameters: PET rated capacity of 10kVA, rated voltage 240/110V; PET2 rated capacity of 10kVA, system frequency rated voltage 240/110V 50Hz, high frequency transformer frequency 1000Hz, IGBT switching frequency 9000Hz; KP, KQ selenium values were obtained per unit .01, the frequency for a given value of f0 obtained 50Hz, phase ρ0 given value of 0, the amplitude for a given take-unit value is 1.0 U0.

3.1 PET also throw in two parallel operation (case 1)

1.0s, the two PET in low-pressure side of the no-load input from the parallel operation, assume the power factor of 0.8 in the integrated load. The variable waveform shown in Figure 4 - Figure 6. Can be seen from the diagram, two PET waveform corresponding to the same variable. After the parallel operation of the load current equal to the commitment to achieve the current sharing control, and active and reactive load stability and distribution, and frequency to maintain the same constant value.

3.2 PET2 join the parallel operation (case 2)

PET1 with a set run, 1.0s from the empty state when the PET2 input, parallel operation of two PET. The waveform shown in Figure 7 and Figure 8 below. The figure shows, PET1 single run by the state to switch to the parallel operation of the state, its commitment to the load current, active and reactive loads are decreased, down in part by the PET2 to bear, finally achieved between two parallel current sharing PET control and active power, reactive power load distribution and stability of good dynamic response.

4 Conclusions

This article is based active and reactive characteristics of the mobility equation established PET control strategy and model, based on the model of the dynamic process of parallel operation PET simulation. Simulation results show that the control strategy can be maintained under the premise of the rated power supply frequency, to achieve active and reactive load distribution and stability, and good dynamic characteristics.

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