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IC design industry: to triumph

Published:2011/1/5 10:04:34 |

2010, IT industry has impetuous, a steady, uniform throughout the industry, according to the established track before the line. 2011 is the "second five" first year, and a new generation of information technology has been listed as a strategic pillar industry of new industries, often to force the policy to allow IT industry is expected to usher in a new round of development of peak, but let the IT technology to benefit all walks of life and livelihood of the people, the real support of the IT industry has become an important force for economic and social development, remains to be done.
IC design industry: to triumph

"According to incomplete statistics, in 2010, China's integrated circuit (IC) design industry will achieve sales of 55.0 billion, an increase of 44.59%." China Semiconductor Industry Association IC Design Branch Chairman Wang Qin Sheng, said: "At the same time, corporate profits will achieve significant growth. "

China's IC design industry in the past 10 years rapid development of other sectors of difficult: on the one hand, the industry average growth rate over the past 10 years reached 45.8%, far higher than the global average growth rate of 15%; other , the industry as a whole from 2001 sales of 14.8 million yuan to 55.0 billion. China Semiconductor Industry Association IC Design Branch, vice president of Wei Shaojun, said: "the world's 500 billion U.S. dollars in value, IC design industry's output accounted for 15%, we achieved 5 years ahead of the pre-set target."

In fact, in the international market, 10 billion USD of IC design enterprises is regarded as the size of the company, it has strong anti-risk ability. To this end, leading to lead the implementation, expanding the overall size of the way the industry is the future of IC design industry and the way the general direction. Wang Qin Sheng said that the output value of China's IC design industry will be exceeded 1,000 billion in 3-5 years. "At present, countries are committed to a wide range of applications in large areas of big brand strategy implementation. National Development and Reform Commission implemented a special integrated circuit design, the smart card, telecommunications, multimedia, security and power products and power IC fields of 5 designed to support businesses, plans to use 3-5 years, the field of IC chips to the localization rate of 50% -70%. "Wang Qin Sheng said," From the scale of the industry point of view, to the 'five second' period, China design companies will have five sales over one billion U.S. dollars, with 20 design sales are more than 300 million U.S. dollars, a 30-50 home design company sales income over 100 million U.S. dollars. "

Tablet PC: the operating system wars more intoxicated

iPad led the hot selling Tablet PC, and let the computer market full of new "spring." Currently, almost all PC makers have begun product development and introduction of different characteristics of the Tablet PC. However, the Tablet PC hardware manufacturers are not only a new battlefield, but also software vendors and defend. 2011, the Tablet PC operating system wars will be more intense.

From the current market, Apple iPad tablet of the global market share of more than 80%. Therefore, its operating system equipped with a well-deserved iOS Apple become the largest market share of products. However, after all, Apple is a relatively closed iOS Apple proprietary operating system, does not have versatility. Although the current market share of Apple iOS high, but as other manufacturers have entered the Tablet PC market in the next period of time, its market share will gradually decline.

Google's current operating system has a dual weapons, and are just released ChromeOS Android operating system. Tablet PC market from the current, almost 80% of the company has launched a tablet PC equipped with the Android operating system. Whether it is Tablet PC or smart phone, Android Apple iOS become the biggest "enemy."

Thriving area of the desktop operating system Microsoft has suffered embarrassment at the Tablet PC. In fact, Windows7 is not a built specifically for the Tablet PC operating system, so, Windows7 used in tablet PCs may not be the best choice.

While the Nokia mobile phone industry is well deserved in the King, and Intel in the chip manufacturing industry is sit tight spot. But if talk about the operating system, the two or some of the less professional. Both have launched their own called Maemo, Moblin operating system, in view of "like-minded", "common enemy" and to consider the two hit it off, the two operating systems combined to form today's MeeGo. "Android is more open than that, more emphasis on user experience than iOS." This is MeeGo system to their own definition. The product not only can be used for tablet PCs, it is to kill all the vertical through the Internet equipment, including mobile phones, the Internet, automotive equipment and even Internet TV.

Software services: strategic position highlights

Software services industry is the heart and soul of the information industry, is pollution-free, low-power, high employment and high-growth strategy for leading industry-based knowledge production. Software services industry has the knowledge, technology, personnel-intensive and high value-added, high permeability, high drive and other features, has become a multiplier of economic growth, industrial upgrading, boosters, converters and the way the development of new industries incubator , is also building a moderately prosperous society in an important support. To develop software services industry, is to promote the development of China's industrial structure adjustment and change the mode of the fundamental requirements, but also to promote the integration of information technology and industrialization, the road of new industrialization strategy needs.

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's software services industry policy environment continues to improve, rapidly growing industrial scale, and achieved fruitful results. Software industry development in China supporting the role of the industry markedly improved, effectively promoted economic development and social progress led administration, education, public health and other areas of information technology.

2011, and even the "second Five-Year" period, the software and hardware, technology and application, application and market, the interaction between market and industry will become the core of the software services industry. In addition, with the new "18 No." The introduction of software industries and enterprises will be firmly grasped and the development trend of information technology services, for things, cloud computing and other emerging areas, the establishment of self-control technologies and industrial system and cultivate a world-class software companies, to achieve sound and rapid development of industry.

Cloud Computing: take time to fall

"Elusive of things, foggy cloud." Use this phrase to describe the current cloud of things and is very appropriate. Although the concept of cloud computing have been proposed for a long time, but few really understand it yet. In 2011, it has been floating in the air hope this little cloud to the ground.

In 2010, the three major domestic telecom operators have accelerated the pace of advancing cloud landing. China Mobile announced a "great cloud Plan" stage R & D results; China Telecom launched the Tianyi clouds plans, and in 4 cities in the cloud field test; part of the provincial company of China Unicom began to IDC room have also launched a "cloud "Early treatment of the experimental work.

It is noteworthy that, although in practice the three operators in the process of evolution of the cloud line and the focus is different, but for the exploration and attempt to cloud computing are concentrated in the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model, the in IDC, based on the traditional business bundle, extensive management related services.

In addition, Software as a Service (SaaS) model as a commercial operation of the oldest and most mature to date technology of cloud services, the development of roads are not smooth. In addition, the standard of cloud computing is still in draft stage, there is no unified standard system. Although cloud computing standards of domestic work has been started, but still in its infancy. It can be said, still in the initial stage of cloud computing, cloud computing applications landing take some time.

CCW Research study shows that 45.3% of enterprises have on the existing knowledge of cloud applications, cloud patterns on the recognition and application needs of users more than half the number it is exciting, but we must see the needs of enterprise cloud computing different, large enterprises pay more attention to the way they operate which will bring innovative ideas and opportunities, while SMEs are keen on cloud computing is how to effectively integrate the use of resources, how to increase computing capacity, and cost savings. Demand point is different with different concerns, cloud to ground to solve various business needs a comprehensive, time is the key.